Dhankesari Today Lottery Result 10-11-2020 11:55 AM – Dhankesari Today Morning

Dhankesari Lottery Result 10-11-2020 11 am: Dhankesari Sambad 11:55 AM or 11:00 AM is also called Dhan Kesari result. The lottery time is 11:00 AM and the result time is 11:55 AM. Moreover, you guys don’t need to worry about the result. You can easily get the results from here. We will provide you our best services.

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As you know that Dhankesari is the most famous lottery in India. Basically, the Dhankesari lottery is for those people who are living a poor life. But, we are talking about Dhankesari at 11:55 AM. Let’s explain it in detail.

Dhankesari Results:

There are 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM results. Above all, we are talking about the Dhankesari 11:55 AM results.

Dhankesari Lottery Morning Result 10-11-2020

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First of all, I should tell you that you guys can download the results from our website without facing any difficulty. Above all, you can download and transfer the results. As I told you in my previous article that you can download the results in two types of formats. The first is PDF and the second format is DBF. In simple words, you can see your results here or you can download your results.

So, keep our website in your mind to check the results.

Dhankesari Lottery Result 11 AM Today

Now, these days Dhankesari lottery is often called Nagaland state lottery Sambad 11:55 AM. Click on the given link to check the results of Dhankesari at 11:55 AM. We are publishing the daily results of Dhankesari morning at 11:55 AM.

I am saying that if it showed some technical problem then no need to worried about it. It will be shown in 15 to 20 minutes.

Dhankesari Lottery StateWest Bengal, Nagaland
Dhankesari Lottery Result 8 pmDear Vulture in Evening
Draw Fix Time 11:55am, 4pm, 8pm
Dhankesari  Official Websitedhankesari.com
Results Status/pendingUpdate on time
Dhankesari 1st PrizeRupees- 26 Lakhs

Nagaland state lottery is one and is in foremost and one of the most spread lotteries all around India. Keep in touch with us to get your results daily here. As I told you before you can download the PDF file of 11:55 Am results online and also check your results online without any difficulties.

Now, I will tell you about the Sikkim State lottery. Sikkim state lottery is one of the famous lotteries. We publish the Sikkim State lottery results on daily basis at 11:55 AM. Sikkim state lottery 11:55 AM is also known as Sikkim state lottery dear result.

Dhankesari provides you the daily basis results you can also say that the Dhankesari Sambad results or you can say that the Dhankesari results.

Dhankesari result 2018 is was one of the successful years. You can search it as the Dhankesari Result 11:55 AM 2018. It will be surprising to know that the 2020 year was also successful.

You may know that Dhankesari is one of the most powerful lotteries in India. You may also think that it can be a scam but it’s not.

Some people search for “Dhankesari Dhankesari” which sounds amazing. You can also download the Dhankesari App for the latest updates.

Dhankesari Result 11:55 AM Today

A lot of the websites are providing only today’s results. But, our website will provide yesterday’s results also. You can check your results from here without facing difficulties or any error. If you have missed the past results you can get it from here.

If you have missed the results of Dhankesari 11:55 AM you can download it in a PDF file or check it online. We will provide you the yesterday’s as well as today’s results. Dhankesari did not provide you only 11:55 AM yesterday result but it also provides you the all the time results.

This website is made for the ease of Indian People. You can save our website to check the results daily because some other websites are working for their purposes.

Dhankesari Result 11:55 AM yesterday

So, you were busy and you forget to check your result? Okay! No need to be worried about it. We have a solution for you or your problem. Moreover, we are providing you the 11:55 AM morning results which are old and you want to check the old results you can check from here.

Games of Dhankesari:

  • Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
  • Dear Bangabhumi Raidak
  • Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
  • Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
  • Dear Bangasree Damodar
  • Dear Bangasree Ichamati

Dhankesari 11:55 AM Old Results:

Above all, you just need to click on the given link and it will provide you two options. First, check your results online. Second, download your results as PDF or DBF. It’s up to you that what kind of format you want or just you want only to check your results online without downloading any file.

However, it is difficult to find old results. But we are providing this facility to you without any error occurring. You just click on the link. Now, what are you waiting for? Go! Check your results out.

Dhankesari Result 11:55 AM Prize list

1st Prize
  • Rs-26.26/- Lakhs 
2nd Prize
  • Rs-9000/-
Cons. Prize
  • Rs-1000/-
3rd Prize
  • Rs-500/-
4th Prize
  • Rs-250/-
5th Prize
  • Rs-129/-

How to play?

It is so simple to play the lottery you just need to buy the ticket. Then you have to wait for officially results. The results will be available here for your ease you can download or check from here.

Dhankesari 11:55 AM Lucky Numbers

If you want to know about the lucky numbers stay connected with our website to check the lucky numbers. So if you want to check the lucky numbers you should check the old results or yesterday 11:55 AM results.

After that, you can take an idea from those numbers and can buy your tickets according to them. You should try your luck once in your lifetime.

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