Dhankesari lottery result 9-11-2020 8 PM – Dhankesari Night Result

Dhankesari lottery result 9-11-2020 8 PM: The Dhankesari lottery result 8 PM is one of India’s largest lotteries that is most popular in West Bengal Sikkim Nagaland. So, If you want to get it, add it to your favorites or register it now.

Moreover, the Dhankesari result is announced three times a day. Firstly the result of the Dhankesari lottery comes at 11:55 am in morning. Secondly, the Dhankesari lottery result comes at 04:00 pm one day. And third and last lottery result comes at 08:00 pm at night daily.





This is the third lottery game which draws at 8 pm every day. 8 PM lottery belongs to the Nagaland state lotteries agency. Now you can access this lottery result after 8 PM on our Dhankesari result page. So, dear lottery game played for several decades in India. According to some lottery buyers, this lottery is now very popular in the state of India.

Dhankesari Lottery Result 8:00 PM 9 November 2020

Dhankesari Lottery Result 8:00 PM

Dhankesari Lottery Result 8:00 PM

So, Millions of people buy this Nagaland 8 PM lottery, and they wait for its result in the night time. This dear lottery is also known as the night lottery or evening lottery. You can easily download the Dhankesari lottery result from its official website of Nagaland lotteries or from the Lottery Sambad page.

So, the first prize of dear 8 pm is very huge in amount. That is the reason millions of people daily try their luck in this lottery. The result comes in pdf and DBF format form. But everyone downloads the results in the pdf file. The price of dear 8 pm lottery is only 6 rupees in Indian currency.

Where to buy this lottery ticket?

Well, this lottery is available everywhere in the state. But you will get this lottery, especially at the nearby markets or bus station? A lot of people are now selling this lottery in cities or villages too, you can buy this Dhankesari lottery tickets from them. If you have a lottery shop in your town or village then you can buy this ticket at 8:00 o’clock there.

Dhankesari Lottery StateWest Bengal, Nagaland
Dhankesari Lottery Result 8 pmDear Vulture in Evening
Draw Fix Time 11:55am, 4pm, 8pm
Dhankesari  Official Websitedhankesari.com
Results Status/pendingUpdate on time
Dhankesari 1st PrizeRupees- 26 Lakhs

Dhankesari 8 pm lottery ticket cost:

Any common person can buy this Nagaland state lottery ticket at 8 pm. No matter how much you earn. The value of a ticket in this lottery is 6 rupees only. If seen, ₹ 6 is not a big deal at the current time. But the interesting thing is that there are lots of series of this Dhankesari lottery.

There is a maximum of 5 to 200 series of this lottery. According to this, you will have to take at least five lottery tickets at a time. For which you will have to pay 30 rupees only. Moreover, the value of lotteries is increasing day by day. So maybe when you read this article, the value of the lottery has increased at that time.

Time of playing of 8 PM lottery Dhankesari?

This is a very important question asked by so many lottery buyers. It is easy to download the Dhankesari lottery result at 8 PM, but many people face trouble while downloading it. So, they do not know the right way to download the result because no proper guidance will provide to them.

Dhankesari lottery result 8 PM

So, today I will tell you a very easy and appropriate way of how to download the result of the Dhankesari lottery result at 8 PM. It is a very easy process to download any state lottery result on-page. You will visit another result page, where you can download today’s result easily. Dhankesari today’s result comes in pdf file format, which is a very comfortable file for any mobile or any computer device.

Moreover, Dhankesari today result is updated every day. So, you can able to download and view the Dhankesari lottery today result of the Dear Nagaland lottery and West Bengal State lottery on the official website. Download today’s result of the Dhankesari lottery Sambad 2020 if you are part of it.

People’s need:

Millions of people daily want to download today’s result of the lottery. Few of you know how to download the Dhankesari result, but most people don’t know from where and how to download today’s result of the dear lottery. That is the reason I am writing this article. I tell you that how you can easily download Dhankesari today result in a second, without wasting your valuable time.

Today, we will tell you about all the things of Dhankesari today result and about today’s Dhankesari lottery result at 8 PM. Basically, there are 3 kinds of the lottery of dear. The first dear lottery ticket is played by Nagaland state lotteries.

The second dear lottery is played by west Bengal state lotteries. And the third game of this dear lottery is again played by Nagaland state. You can download all three games of dear state Dhankesari lottery at one place, which is today’s results page of Dhankesari and lottery Sambad.

Dhankesari Lottery Night 8 PM Result

However, the Third Dhankesari lottery result publishes time is 8 pm at night. This is the 8 pm Nagaland state lottery result. So, you can be able to access this result after 8:10 pm. This lottery result is very useful if you want to resolve your problem.

 When you go there you will see two kinds of download buttons. The first button is for the DBF file format and the second button is for PDF file format. Click on the button which you want to download. After this, the result will be viewed in another tab and here you downloaded it to the computer or on your mobile.


So, In concluding all; this is the third drawn lottery which drawn at 8 pm daily at night and it is known as the Dhankesari nighttime lottery, you can download this Dhankesari lottery result after 8 pm on the official website of Dhankesari.

This lottery has come into being in the last 6 or 7 years. You can download this lottery result by simply clicking on the download button available on the page. So, this lottery has made many people rich. However, Maybe you are the next Millionaire of this lottery. So, Go and try your luck.

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