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Dhankesari lottery Result 4PM 9-11-2020 Want to know about Dhankesari lottery Result 4PM? Dhankesari lottery is a system in which people give money and purchase a ticket daily.

The best thing about this lottery is that there are many prize winners and its lucky draws held thrice in a day (11:55 AM, 4 PM & 8 PM). So, it is clear that a huge amount of people can win prizes. That’s why this lottery is most popular in India.




Dhankesari Lottery 4 PM Result

Dhankesari lottery 4 PM is the second result of this lottery and is the most popular among people because the value of the lottery ticket is 6 INR only, and the result is announced at 4 PM. The more tickets you purchase, it gives you more chances to win more prizes. Its first prize value is 16 lac in INR.

Dhankesari Lottery 4 PM Result 9 November 2020

Importance of Dhankesari Lottery Result 4 PM

Dhankesari Lottery is very important for the people who are living in India. Those people live life from hand to mouth and they live a poor life. Dhankesari lottery gives them a platform where they can dream to get something and become a rich person. Because the people in India are living a down to earth life, they adopt such types of lotteries so they can be rich someday.

Through Dhankesari lottery many people change their fate and become rich. And many people only dream about that because they did not do anything, they did not buy tickets, they did not visit the Dhankesari lottery, they only listen about that lottery and start dreaming that they will do this and they will do that after winning this lottery.

The step was taken by the Government:

Gov. of India has taken one of the great steps of this lottery system. By this system, there is a very great support to those who are under the poverty line. They can have a chance to be a millionaire.

Dhankesari lottery Sambad 11:00 AM

Dhankesari lottery Sambad 8:00 PM

They have a chance to fight with their problems and their sufferings. I will recommend to all those people who are facing poverty and problems must buy a lottery ticket to check their luck.

Low-cost ticket:

Anyone who lives in India can buy Dhankesari lottery tickets, it is so cheap that everyone can easily buy. By this, so millions of people contribute their tickets in daily draws and many of them become a winner.

Dhankesari lottery gives them a chance to make their dreams come true because there are people who live a very miserable life, they even are not able to fulfill their basic needs like pure water and toilet.

Help in growing business:

In fact lotteries, business is growing day by day in India. A lot of Indian states are regulating the lottery business. Everyone tries best to play the lottery or try his/her luck because its an ample opportunity to be prosperous.

So I suggest you try your luck at least once in your whole life. Because it may lead to better and fruitful results for you. It may prove the U-turn of your life. So, You may become a millionaire within a single day. The Lottery ticket cost is a special thing because it is so cheap.

No scamming:

It’s not a scam you may check the live videos on air for the draw result. It is a crystal clear lottery system there is no chance of scam and fraud. Be confident and try once in your life.

Dhankesari lottery in this world like that is giving the Indian people a sigh of relief and due to this many of the people changed their life and lifestyle due to this lottery and make money through this.

 We feel proud to mention that the DhanKesari has been successful in achieving its ideal place in the market.


By summing all this, DhanKesari has launched an online lottery result publication for the benefit of everyone. By taking part in this you make money and this brings ease in your lives.

You can spread your business all over and if you are young this may help in your education and you give support to your family as well.

We update result for you and you can download or see DhanKesari’s result on your mobile, We collaborate results from Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

So, you can check DanaKesari’s result on a daily plus and older result as well as you can see them as yesterday’s results.

DanaKesari APP

DanaKesari is an android app belong to G-store and this is the solution for DanaKesari Lottery Lovers who want daily results of various lottery right from their phone at any time. We give live daily updates of this lottery’s result directly. G-Store delivers results before any other app publishes the result.

It’s a request to Lottery winners that they have to verify the result with Gov. The published result is only for immediate and clear knowledge of buyers and sellers regardless of accuracy.

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