Complete Guide to Obtaining a Visa for Bahrain


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bahrain visas on appearance won’t be accessible until additional notification. Any individual who wishes to go to Bahrain must have either a Bahrain eVisa got before movement or a habitation grant.

Who Needs a Bahrain Visa?

You need a Bahrain visa except if you are from the accompanying nations:



Saudi Arabia

Joined Arab Emirates

Every other person needs to get a Visa on Arrival, an eVisa, or apply for a visa at a Bahrain Embassy.

Nations Eligible For Bahrain Visa on Arrival and eVisa

In the event that you are from one of the accompanying nations, you can apply for either a Bahrain Visa on Arrival or a Bahrain eVisa, except if in any case indicated:

EU Member States














Hong Kong









New Zealand





San Marino


South Korea





Ukraine (Visa on appearance as it were)

Joined Kingdom



Vatican City


The Visa on Arrival and eVisa permit you to remain in Bahrain for as long as one month. Residents from the UK and Ireland can remain for as long as a quarter of a year.

Nations Eligible for a Bahrain eVisa

In the event that you are from one of the accompanying nations, you can apply for a Bahrain eVisa, which is legitimate for 14 days:

Antigua and Barbuda


The Bahamas


English Overseas Territories




Dominican Republic








Ivory Coast









Holy person Kitts and Nevis

Holy person Lucia

Holy person Vincent and the Grenadines



South Africa


Trinidad and Tobago

Sorts of Bahrain Visas

The principle kinds of visas for Bahrain are:

Bahrain vacationer visa. This sort of visa is given to far off nationals who need to visit Bahrain for the travel industry or other transient purposes (like visiting their relatives). You are not permitted to work with a traveler visa.

Bahrain business visa. This sort of visa is given to transient business explorers, who are coming to Bahrain to go to a gathering, meeting, or different business action yet who are as yet utilized in an unfamiliar organization. Not to be mistaken for the Bahrain work visa.

Bahrain work visa. This sort of visa is for outside nationals who need to work for a Bahrain organization and live in Bahrain long haul.

Bahrain family visa. This sort of visa is given to the relatives of work visa holders.

Bahrain understudy visa. This visa is given to worldwide understudies tried out an advanced education course in Bahrain for at any rate one year.

Approaches to Apply for a Visa to Bahrain

You can apply for a Bahrain visa in one of the accompanying ways, contingent upon your ethnicity and how long you expect to remain in Bahrain:

At the point when you show up at the air terminal

On the web, through the eVisa entrance

At the closest Bahrain Embassy, in the event that you are not qualified for a Bahrain visa on appearance or a Bahrain eVisa

Applying for a Bahrain Visa on Arrival

You can apply for a visa on landing in the Bahrain International Airport. You should present the necessary archives at the visa application counters and pay the expense.

You will get either a 14-day visa or 30-day visa, which you can stretch out in the event that you apply to the Nationality, Passport, and Residence Affairs (NPRA) Department of the Bahrain Ministry of Interior.

This is typically a traveler visa.

Applying for a Bahrain eVisa

In the event that you are qualified for a Bahrain eVisa, you can put forth a concentrated effort through the official government site (here). To get an eVisa for Bahrain you have to experience the accompanying advances:

You need to finish the application structure with your data: identity, visa number, individual subtleties, and so on

Connect the necessary reports in either JPG or PDF design.

Output of your identification

A duplicate of your return flight ticket.

Duplicate of your inn reservation

On the off chance that you are remaining with a family member: Copy of their CPR Reader’s printout

Pay the Bahrain eVisa expense utilizing a credit or charge card. The application expense is non-refundable.

You will get a reference number, which you can use to beware of the result of your application.

A Bahrain eVisa is handled inside 3 to 5 working days.

In the event that your Bahrain visa is affirmed, you can print it out and use it to go to Bahrain.

Applying for a Bahrain Embassy Visa

You need to apply for a Bahrain visa at an Embassy if:

You are not qualified for neither a visa on appearance or an online visa

You need to remain in Bahrain longer than the visa on appearance or online visa permit you to (for example you need to remain longer than 30 days)

You can discover the Bahrain Embassies on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (here). The Embassy Bahrain visa is for numerous passages. With it, you can remain in Bahrain for as long as 30 days inside a three-month time frame.

Application Procedure

Regardless of whether you will apply for a Bahrain visa by means of an Embassy, you actually need to finish and present an online application to the Embassy you select. You need to finish the online application here by giving your ethnicity and motivation behind visit. You will see a rundown of visas you are permitted to apply for dependent on your answers and identity.

When you select “Apply now”, you will be diverted to the application structure, where you need to give your own subtleties and append electronic duplicates of your identification and a visa size picture. You likewise have the choice of connecting extra reports, varying.

At that point, the consular staff of the Bahrain Embassy you chose to apply to will inform on how you ought to continue.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

You need the accompanying archives to apply for a Bahrain visa:

Your visa, with at any rate an additional a half year legitimacy from the date of passage

A visa size picture

Tickets to go full circle

Verification you can uphold yourself monetarily in Bahrain (bank explanations from the most recent three months)

Evidence of convenience in Bahrain

Some other reports needed by the Bahrain Embassy or Immigration

What is the Duration of a Bahrain Visa?

Bahrain issues visas with a few spans, contingent upon the visa you apply for:

Single-section Bahrain eVisa is substantial for multi month. You need to utilize it inside 30 days after it is endorsed.

Various section Bahrain eVisa is legitimate for a quarter of a year, yet you can’t remain over 30 days generally speaking.

Single-passage Bahrain visa on appearance is substantial for multi month. You need to utilize it inside 30 days after it is affirmed.

Single-section Bahrain visa on appearance is substantial for a quarter of a year, yet you can’t remain over 30 days generally speaking.

Various passage Bahrain visas can likewise be given for one year, however you can’t remain in Bahrain for more than a quarter of a year on each visit.

Broadening a Bahrain Visa

You can apply to broaden your visa at the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs office (NPRA) of the Ministry of Interior. You can as a rule broaden your stay for an additional fourteen days to a month, and you need to pay an expansion expense.

Bahrain Visa Cost

The Bahrain eVisa cost is 29 Bahrain Dinar in general:

BD 4 (appx. USD 10) for handling the visa application

BD 25 (appx. USD 66) for the real visa

The Bahrain visa on appearance cost is:

BD 25 for a fourteen day visa

BD 30 for a 30-day visa

Would i be able to Work In Bahrain with a Tourist Visa?

No, it is illicit to work in Bahrain with a vacationer visa. For that, you would require a supported work visa (from your boss) and a work license.

Bahrain Work Visa

To apply for a Bahrain work visa, you should have a business in Bahrain, since it is they who will deal with most of the application. Your boss needs to demand a work license for you at the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority before you even travel to Bahrain. The Bahrain work grant alongside the home grant make up the purported Bahrain work visa.

Both you and your manager need to present a few reports for the work grant application, however it is generally the business who handles it.

On the off chance that the Labor Market Regulatory Authority favors your work grant application, you get the option to work and live in Bahrain for as long as two years. You are additionally permitted to carry your reliant relatives with you, however they are not permitted to work.

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